Mobile phone listening device apps

We have found accuracy to be very good provided that the speaker talks clearly and at a reasonable pace. The downside to the service is that it will not currently work in mobile or tablet browsers and must be used with the desktop version of Google Chrome. We have also had success with inexpensive Windows tablets with Google Chrome too.

A voice recognition app from Geemarc with versions for both Android and Apple devices.

Telephone calls

The Android version has the advantage of being completely free to use with unlimited use of the service, while the Apple version requires payment for blocks of minutes. Available only on Apple devices, this app is completely free to use and unlike most others in this category it operates on a push to talk basis — in other words, it provides captions only while the red button on-screen is touched so may be useful for short burst of captioning at moments where it is needed rather than ongoing.

Other useful features include the ability to scale the text produced up to rather large sizes for those whose eyesight may struggle with other apps.

This is a speech to text app with some sophisticated features beyond what most other apps provide, in particular the group conversation ability. In this mode, all those involved in a conversation can add Ava to their own phones, join the Ava conversation group and speak. The text of what they say will show up on the screens of everyone involved along with their name.

Speech to text

Ava also works in simple single display mode too much like the apps mentioned earlier. These apps can be used to measure the loudness of sounds around you, for example in restaurants, bars or similar venues. One should note that the figures generated by these apps are not equivalent to a properly calibrated decibel meter, but can nonetheless serve to give some approximation. Typical methods of learning voice control involve feeling the vibration of the throat but the use of one of these apps can give objective, visual feedback too.

Android only but free ad supported.

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Displays a needle meter as well as digital number for loudness. The apps in this section are geared towards using your phone for sound amplification and clarity.

They are not replacements for hearing aids and are designed to be used with earphones or headphones. Could be handy in a pinch if you run out of batteries in your hearing aids! A little more complex user interface compared to the previous but offers more options for how sound is processed and amplified. An online service that helps you to send feedback and resolve complaints with business and service providers.

This might seem like an unusual entry on this page, but it has one very nice feature that can be useful for those with hearing loss. This is great for judging when might be the least busy, and therefore hopefully the quietest time to visit that establishment. Try the Conversor Pro wireless FM assistive listening device, to help with hearing in tricky, noisy environments. Available for purchase from the Hearing Link online shop.

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No, you’re not being paranoid, your phone really IS listening to you

In a typical day, we visit countless websites, on numerous devices. We open apps, we read emails, we shop, we browse, we communicate. Our lives today revolve around the internet. Without it, the world we know would grind to a halt.

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Is Your Phone Listening To You?

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Cell Phone Spy Without Possession

Revoke access to smartphone apps You might not realize how much access you give your smartphone apps. Choose the disable option. Vizio — Browse to the System setting. Choose LivePlus, and then click it to Off.